I am originally from a small-ish town in the Northwest of Bulgaria, and it was there, in Montana, that my love of literature and languages first took hold and never let go. In Reading, England, where I studied Law, I used fiction as an antidote to the never-ending lists of precedents. A year spent on Erasmus in Nancy, France, gave me the indescribable privilege of having an endless supply of croissants right next to halls, as well as the chance to travel to some of the places I had only imagined from fiction – Paris, Vienna, Verona. I regret not documenting all the treasure troves I found along the way – but at least I have the books I brought back. For a while, I toiled away in the legal world of London, and was constantly amazed by the city’s many beauties, both the grandiose and the tucked away. I then got a cheeky M.Phil. in European Literature and Culture at Cambridge, which allowed me to explore my fascination with narrative and reader reception (theory), and afterwards indulged in some more hectic London living and working before skedaddling to Vienna where I’m now finishing up an MA in Translation (with some extra Law sprinkled in) and doing the occasional job as a freelance translator.

I have a fondness for reading books (preferably in their native language); trying to decipher the meanings of songs; crafting my own narratives; lots and lots of black coffee; European cinema (and the films of Richard Linklater); trains and buses (I have been known, from time to time, to opt to take the bus from London to Sofia).

Also, I have more curiosity than my memory can cope with. This website is partly a consequence of that. I do hope it inspires you to jot down your own thoughts about your readings, or to choose random books more often, and I do wish that at least one of them leaves you gasping for air.

– Lily